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The Career Program

Jumpstart your Career

Welcome to the real business world. Daimler’s CAReer Program offers you challenging project assignments. The over-all aim is to provide you with the best possible preparation for a position as future global leaders within Daimler. You will spend up to 24 months working in different Daimler divisions and departments – worldwide – while benefiting from already being a permanent employee. Right from the start you take on responsibility, solve problems and work on innovative projects. This allows you to get to know our corporate structures, strategies, and products quickly in great detail. CAReer also enables you to lay the foundation to build your own personal network within Daimler: during the CAReer Program you meet managers from different countries, as well as other international Career Trainees.

Program structure
The CAReer Program it will last up to 24 months from the date you join until you begin with your entry position. At the end of the program, you are ideally placed to meet demanding challenges within the company – both on a professional and a personal level.

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